How a giggly call confirmed Charlotte’s ‘paw-some’ £1Million win

When Charlotte Peart called The National Lottery to confirm she’d won an incredible £1Million prize she remembers being extremely giggly.

Charlotte, who won £1Million on EuroMillions five years ago, said the memory of the momentous call was still vivid. She added, “I just couldn’t stop giggling. Obviously it was the nerves, but I think it was coupled with shocked disbelief.

“Only two weeks earlier I had wound my husband up that we’d won £250,000, so to suddenly be calling The National Lottery to officially claim £1Million was just crazy!”

Now, you can listen to Charlotte’s winning call – as well as the stunned reactions of some of our other big winners – when they learn they’ve won a life-changing prize. It’s our way of marking a very special milestone: no less than 7000 lucky players have become millionaires since the first National Lottery draw was held in 1994.

How would you react to learning you’d become a National Lottery millionaire? According to research, sitting in stunned silence and planting a kiss on your partner are the most common reactions our winners have on learning they’ve won a massive prize.

The poll of National Lottery millionaires revealed 19 percent either sat in silence or kissed their partner when their big win was confirmed. 13 percent burst into tears and the same number ran around the room. 5 percent of millionaires bust out some dance moves, while 1 percent took the news as an opportunity to book a holiday.

The popular idea that most new millionaires pop the cork on a bottle of champagne was debunked. Only 3 percent opted for bubbly, while 17 percent put the kettle on for a calming cuppa.

Of the 7000 millionaires made in the last 29 years, **375 were made in 2022 – the equivalent of more than one millionaire every day! And 2023 is set to be another great year for millionaire-making, with September having created 38 in a single month.

Of course, newly minted millionaires aren’t the only people celebrating. The National Lottery has paid out more than 38,000 life-changing prizes of £50,000 or more since 1994.

Listening to the recording of her fateful phone call Charlotte said, “It’s great to hear it again, it takes me right back to the beginning of our amazing winning adventure. Since that giggling call we’ve had plenty of giggly moments and we’ve added two beautiful Labrador sisters to the family, Missy and Millie – short for millionaire – to remind us of our £1Million win.”

Hear Charlotte (and some of our other lucky players) reacting to their big wins below.

**Source: Camelot

2nd November 2023

The National Lottery has been changing the lives of winners and supporting good causes across the UK since 1994. In that time, there have been more than 7,000 new millionaires created and by playing The National Lottery you raise over £4 million for Good Causes every dayΔ.

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