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Would you believe most winners celebrate with… a cuppa!

What would you do when you realise you’ve won - pop open Champagne, raise a pint? Well almost half of lottery winners choose to flick on the kettle and have a nice cup of tea. To help winners celebrate in style we’ve joined forces with experts at one of the leading UK tea brands, Tetley Tea to create a special gold-star infused tea blend. ‘Winners Brew’ is just for lottery winners to celebrate their life changing moment.

You’ll have seen numerous winners spraying champagne and drinking bubbly in the papers, on the news and across these pages - and you would assume most would choose a glass of fizz to celebrate the moment they realise they have won. However, our research found that an astonishing number of winners snub the bubbles and instead turn to tea. While just 11% opt for champagne a staggering 43% choose to have a brew instead.

Why tea? When asked, the winners said they found a cup of tea warm and comforting, and it gave them time to collect their thoughts. Also it is surely something typically British, we all think it is best to take time to have a cuppa whatever’s going on.

The Winners Brew

The exclusive tea, produced by Tetley, is made from leaves specially selected from the highest altitude and high quality tea estates around Mount Kenya and the Great Rift Valley to help provide a calming and soothing sensation for lottery winners. Each handmade teabag also has a sprinkling of real gold leaf stars, adding a bit of National Lottery sparkle to every cup.

Sebastian Michaelis, Tetley’s Master Blender, explains, “We were really excited when The National Lottery challenged us to create a unique tea for lottery winners. The ‘Winners Brew’ includes a winning combination of specially selected teas for a wonderfully fresh, zingy and zesty cuppa that delivers a rich and soothing malty flavour.

“And of course it wouldn’t be a winning tea without a little lottery magic, so we’ve added around 150 real gold leaf stars to each handmade teabag - giving the Winners Brew a unique golden finish.”

Get your cuppa

The Winners Brew blend will be delivered by The National Lottery’s special team of winners advisors who cross the nation paying out all of the big winners. It will mean the winners can sit back, relax and calm their nerves with a specially made golden cuppa.

Andy Carter, who leads the team of millionaire makers said, “We made a record breaking 347 millionaires last year and see a wide range of emotions from winners when we pay them their prize. Winners can be dancing around the house, squealing with excitement, sobbing tears of joy or even stunned into silence – winning really can be a roller-coaster and every situation is different.

“The one thing many winners have in common is that they pop the kettle on for a calming cuppa. The Winners Brew will be an essential part of the kit when we visit each of the 6 millionaires we make every week.”

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