How lockdown has changed the nation’s wishlist

Growing vegetables and learning to cook have replaced skydiving and travel to exotic places in the wishlists of many Britons affected by the impact of coronavirus, new research suggests**.

A survey carried out by The National Lottery suggests 60% of us have changed our list since the coronavirus outbreak.

Topping the nation’s ‘new normal’ wishlist is establishing a kitchen garden to grow vegetables (16%), closely followed by a garden redesign project (15%) and learning to cook (12%).

The fourth spot on the nation’s revised wishlist is shared by two aspirations: watching a movie at a drive-in cinema and moving to the coast. Next up is a move to the countryside (9%) or buying a campervan and exploring the UK (also 9%).

The lockdown appears to have given us a new appreciation of the outdoors with the installation of a hot tub and building a pub or bar in the garden also occupying spots in the ‘new normal’ wishlist top 10.

Meanwhile, the new way of working – Zoom calls from a desk in the spare bedroom – seems to have fired up the nation’s entrepreneurial spirit. Starting a new business appears on the agenda for 9% of those surveyed.

Further down the list, activities such as trying fresh water swimming, taking up yoga and climbing a mountain, suggest a new emphasis on healthy living and exploring the great outdoors.

Survey participants were also asked how they might spend a big National Lottery win. Once again, the traditional focus on the jet set lifestyle and all its trappings was replaced by choices suggesting a new emphasis on a fulfilling and healthy life.

A large proportion of respondents would commit to improving society by donating to charity or the NHS (14%), creating a wildlife sanctuary (8%) or simply giving up work to volunteer more (7%).

Commenting on the findings, Camelot’s Senior Winners’ Advisor, Andy Carter said, “The nation’s ‘new normal’ wishlist has certainly changed tack following lockdown however while our movements may have been curtailed, our dreams have not and they are now firmly focused around the simple joys of life.”

The 'New Normal' Wishlist Top 20

  • 1. Grow my own vegetables/get an allotment
  • 2. Redesign my garden
  • 3. Learn how to cook/improve cooking/baking skills
  • 4. Drive-in cinema experience
  • 5. Move to the seaside
  • 6. Learn to speak a new language
  • 7. Create a pub/bar in the garden
  • 8. Move to the countryside
  • 9. Set up my own business
  • 10. Install a hot tub
  • 11. Buy a camper van or RV and explore more of the UK
  • 12. Write a book
  • 13. Try fresh water swimming
  • 14. Volunteer for a charity on a regular basis
  • 15. Have private exercise/yoga lessons to get fit
  • 16. Learn a new creative hobby such as painting or pottery
  • 17. Retrain for a new career
  • 18. Learn to play piano or another musical instrument
  • 19. Climb a mountain/Hike a noteworthy trail
  • 20. Be taught meditation/mindfulness

30th June 2020

**Research conducted on behalf of The National Lottery by OnePoll among 2,000 adults between 16th and 19th June 2020.

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