Pauline found her dad’s ticket for the first draw in a book

This is one of our favourite National Lottery 25th Birthday stories! Recently Pauline, 60, got in touch after seeing our 25th Birthday TV ad. It reminded her of a lovely story about her dad, Stanley, and what happened after he passed away in July 2015, aged 86.

A keen reader, Stanley left behind a large collection of books. When Pauline and her sisters looked through them, they found a National Lottery ticket bought on the first day of ticket sales, for the first-ever draw on the 19th November 1994.

Since the discovery Pauline has played using those same numbers, essentially inheriting them, and doing so makes her feel a little bit connected to him. Pauline is keen to point out that it’s not about winning for her, but when she does get a prize of some kind she always writes “thanks Dad” on the lucky ticket.

If Pauline ever won a big prize she says she’d buy her nephews a new home. But with a clear mischievous streak, she says she wouldn’t tell them first. Instead she’d present them with the keys as a lovely surprise.

Pauline has lived in London all her life and she says even a big win wouldn’t tempt her out of the capital. It’s another thing that keeps her connected to her dad, who loved living in London.

She’s also very keen on donating money and helping charities. But she doesn’t need a win to do that, and she already volunteers at a London hospital and donates to a donkey sanctuary.

4th December 2019

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