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National Lottery Award winners aim to save 20 species from extinction

National Lottery funded Back From The Brink is working to save 20 endangered species of animals, plants and fungi from extinction. By rescuing these species they will not only save a valuable piece of nature, but also, in turn, help support another 200 species.

Back from the Brink won this year's National Lottery Award for Heritage so Steve Backshall went to meet some of the people who are passionate about bugs, bats and bees, and found out how they’re making a difference.

The project was developed by Natural England and is a partnership with a group of 7 conservation charities. Having this number of different groups, with unique insights into protecting natural habitats, helps them come up with better ideas and think about new ways to prevent losing unique wildlife.

Paul Hetherington of Buglife, one of the groups that’s part of Back From The Brink, said, “Extinction is forever. There is no turning back. We have a moral responsibility to prevent the extinction of all species.”

Watch the video as Steve Backshall visits the team to find out more.

19th December 2019

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