Why you're doing more for the British film industry than Colin Firth*

From backing brilliant British blockbusters like The King's Speech to helping over 40,000 young people get involved in film…Find out how you're playing a starring role in supporting the UK's film industry.

*Although we do think Colin Firth is pretty amazing too.

Funding began in 1994

19 lottery-funded films have won 32 BAFTAs

10,000 films being digitised for public access online

14 lottery-funded films have gone on to win Oscars®

New talent

2,377 places at BFI Film Academy for the next generation*

And the winner is...

  • The King's Speech Best British Film (2011)
  • Gosford Park Best British Film (2002)
  • The Last King of Scotland Best British Film (2007)
  • Billy Elliot Best British Film (2001)

11,000film clubs in schools across the UK

13,366 grants to UK film projects

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