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Brownies teach Harry & Meghan about the Newport Gun Girls

Every time you play The National Lottery you are helping to restore some of Britain’s national treasures and historical landmarks. One of these is Cardiff Castle. We find out what happened when Harry and Meghan visited earlier this year.

Harry and Meghan visited Cardiff to learn more about Welsh culture and heritage. During their visit, they stopped off at the castle and met local Brownies Krissy, Heidi and Megan who taught them all about the Newport Gun Girls.

Who were the Gun Girls?

Aged 10, 11 and 15, Kissy, Heidi and Megan have been working with other Brownies, Rainbows, Guides and Rangers to find out what life was like for the Gun Girls, women workers based at Newport’s Royal Ordnance Factory 11 (ROF11) during the Second World War.

As part of a National Lottery funded project, they learnt about their everyday experiences and achievements, as well as the wider implication of their role as women working in what was considered at the time very much a ‘man’s role’. The young people also found out more about what life was like in wartime Wales, exploring popular music, film and art from the era.

Gun Girls’ story brought to life

As well as museum visits and attending workshops, Kissy, Heidi and Megan are just three of over 100 young women and girls who have worked with historians and experts to create an animated film documenting the lives of the women engineers at ROF11.

Their bilingual, English and Welsh film was used to help teach other young people studying history at school about the Gun Girls, and it was subsequently distributed to various film festivals across the UK so the achievements of the women factory workers from Newport could be heard outside Wales too.

Harry and Meghan visit National Lottery-supported Cardiff Castle.

Photo credit: Welsh Government

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