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How the healing power of horses helped Beth find happiness

Beth, 27, was a happy child, but as she grew up she began to be bullied for the way she looked. Her day-to-day life was a challenge and one that, at times, she wasn’t sure she wanted to go on with.

Being born with severe craniofacial condition called Apert Syndrome has had a huge impact on Beth’s life both mentally and physically. Years of surgery left her isolated, depressed and deeply self-conscious about her appearance.

She was at her lowest point when she found help from an unlikely source when she started volunteering at Project CELT (Centre for Equine Learning and Therapy) at Clwyd Special Riding Centre in Flintshire. Here she met Mouse, a gentle 14 year old Fell pony who quickly became a source of support and comfort.

Over time she built up the courage to take up riding Mouse and slowly her life improved. “The Centre has built my confidence,” Beth says. “I never used to laugh, but I laugh here hysterically. When my parents came to see me ride I was giggling and smiling and that’s really, really important. They’ve brought the old Beth back really.”

Project CELT was one of the finalists in The National Lottery Awards 2019.

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