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Making wishes come true

With support from National Lottery funding, the HoneyRose Foundation grants wishes for those over 40 with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses, bringing a moment of joy to someone who is suffering.

One member of the team, Chris Anders, is an incredibly special lady. Not only does she have one of the best job titles as a Wish Coordinator, but she works tirelessly to bring dreams to life; never one to turn down a request.

Chris has worked as a volunteer at the foundation for the past 12 years, which has made wishes come true for more than 9,000 people. She says she would never want to do anything else as she loves nothing more than to help people and to make them happy. We thought it was about time someone made Chris’ wish come true.

With such a busy life, Chris hadn't found the time to keep her garden in order. So, with the help of a few friends, The National Lottery wanted to give her a treat a little closer to home - a chance for us to thank her for all she has done for so many people.

Watch the video above and see how we helped Chris’ wish become a reality.

5th September 2018

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