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Changing the lives of volunteers in Hull UK City of Culture 2017

Did you know that by playing The National Lottery you are helping to recruit and train volunteers across the UK to help deliver a huge range of activities?

Volunteers are at the heart of events across the UK, from national and international sporting events, individual community projects and even becoming ambassadors for high profile events such as Hull UK City of Culture 2017, which has been in the spotlight this year.

Throughout 2017, National Lottery funding has helped recruit over 2,500 volunteers for events happening in Hull. These volunteers were then given extensive training in communication, interpersonal, history, customer service and artistic skills. But these skills go far beyond just helping the city, they have also built confidence and friendships within the volunteers.

How volunteer Iris became a lioness

Iris, a volunteer from Hull shares what the experience has meant to her,

“I hadn’t planned on becoming a volunteer but I got talking to a lady one day last year about her experience as a Hull 2017 volunteer and it sounded really interesting. I decided to put an application in but I didn’t expect to get through.

"I have dyslexic problems, eczema on my face and really lacked in confidence so I thought all this would hold me back. But I was made to feel really welcome and I got through.

“I ended up being involved in 7 Alleys, the Land of Green Ginger event in East Park. I was completely pushed out of my comfort zone as I’d never done acting or barrier carrying, but it was the best thing I could have done.

“As I was driving home after the first performance, I was in my car and ‘I am so alive’ by the Goo Goo Dolls came on and that summed up exactly how I was feeling. My experience woke me up and has made me realise there is no such thing as a comfort zone, I can do anything. I’m no longer the quiet person who was unsure of herself, now I’m really confident; I’ve gone from mouse-like to a lioness who wants to roar!”

There are plenty more events happening in Hull as part of the UK City of Culture celebration for the rest of the year, so why not pop along and ask how you can get involved?

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