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Boyzone’s favourite car enthusiast discovers how players are fuelling local education project

Every day our players are helping to jump start thousands of projects that work to educate and inspire people. One of these amazing initiatives is Ignition Training. Boyzone’s Shane Lynch, a former car mechanic and petrol head, popped in to see the impact their funding has made on the young people involved.

Based in Doncaster, Ignition Training teaches motor vehicle skills to members of the local community. From people with disabilities and mental health issues, through to ex-offenders and the homeless, the project has created an inclusive environment where people can come together to learn new skills.

“I founded Ignition to give unemployed people relevant skills, qualifications, real work experience for their CV and a reference.” explains Managing Director David Brazer.

But National Lottery players have provided a lot more than a place to build cars, as Brazer explains, “The fact is, with the Lottery support it does so much more than that. It supports the learner’s confidence and raises their belief about the possibilities they can aspire to. It helps them build their decision making and problem solving skills, build friendships and ultimately gain employment. In the process, the project has saved hundreds of thousands of pounds to local services.

“The greatest thing is when our service users tell us that they feel positive, useful and needed again, sometimes after spells in prison, after mental health or addiction issues. They do it themselves, through their own determination. They just needed a chance to start the process. The National Lottery has provided Ignition the chance to help.”

Watch the video and join Workshop Manager Ezra and car enthusiast Shane Lynch on a tour of the project.

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