Life changing

"A 100-year-old lady danced the Charleston with me!"

Simon is a professional musician. He also volunteers with lottery-funded Music in Hospitals, a charity that performs up to 5,000 concerts a year for older people in residential care homes and sick and disabled people in hospitals.

"There is rarely a concert where I am not inspired by the people we play for – by their wit, bravery, love of life, humanity and good humour, and a willingness to join in and give it a go – one time a 100-year-old lady got up and danced 'The Charleston’ with me!

"I very quickly realised this is the most important and satisfying work I can do. Many of our audiences are dealing with difficult times of life and it's always encouraging to see what a positive impact music has on people. I’ll often notice someone tapping their feet; a person chatting who may not have spoken for weeks, or someone singing, who’s normally quiet. Music in Hospitals has given me the chance to live all of this, so I’m extremely grateful to everyone who plays the National Lottery, who make it possible."

Sometimes it's the simple things in life that make the biggest impact. It's amazing what your play makes possible. Thank you.

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