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Boxing Pretty founder knocked out by BIG surprise

For 10 years Gemma Price, 37, suffered abuse in a toxic, controlling relationship. When the relationship ended, the feelings she’d kept suppressed for so long started to surface and as a result, Gemma found herself struggling with day-to-day life as her emotions swung out of control.

Help came from an unlikely source when work colleague Tony suggested she picked up a pair of boxing gloves and hit the bag for as long as she could at the National Lottery-funded Llanrumney Phoenix Boxing Club that he runs.

Gemma said “I hit the bag for an hour and laughed and cried. Years of built up emotion came out.

“I left the gym feeling so relieved that I’d found a controlled way to do it, a good way to do it. I thought if I feel like this there must be other women who feel exactly the same way. And there are – there are hundreds.”

And that was the inspiration Gemma needed to start the Boxing Pretty classes at Llanrumney Phoenix Boxing Club, where women of all ages come to get fit, make friendships and support each other.

It was a group of these other women who, with a little help from The National Lottery, wanted to thank Gemma for all that she’s done to help them build strength mentally and physically.

Watch how we surprised Gemma to show her just how special we all think she is...

14th September 2019

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