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Community group cooks up a surprise for their mentor

When community chef Robin van Creveld set up Man with a Pan, he wanted to bring older men together learn to cook. To say thank you, his former students put their skills to good use and surprised Robin with an afternoon of wining and dining.

Robin established Man with a Pan cookery courses in partnership with Camberley’s Alzheimer Café as a practical way for men to learn how to cook and be healthy while making friends, being active and building community.

Since the first five-week course in 2014 many Man with a Pan alumni have acquired a full range of cookery skills, healthy eating tips and can now produce a range of delicious and easy dishes. Importantly, many have also made long lasting friendships.

In recognition for all that Robin has achieved, The National Lottery worked with Man with a Pan graduates, watch the video below to discover how they surprised their mentor.

For 25 years The National Lottery has been changing the lives of winners and supporting good causes across the UK. Since November 19th 1994 there have been more than 5,700 new millionaires created and over £41 billion has been given to good causes across the UK.

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