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Freddie’s roped his dad into a marathon run

Meet 22-year-old Freddie, who’s got a fabulous sense of humour and was looking forward to running this year’s London Marathon. Freddie was planning to run in aid of Mencap, a National Lottery supported organisation that helps those with learning disabilities.

Running the marathon is challenging for anyone, but Freddie has some disabilities that prevent him from speaking. Fortunately, with modern technology we’re able to enjoy his brilliant sense of humour via his tablet, which allows him to communicate and, as it turns out, gently poke fun at his Dad.

In his wonderful video, below, Freddie gleefully explains that he’ll be accompanied on his marathon with his Dad, who he calls “Grumpy Nick”. Freddie also explains that speaking through a tablet makes him like Lost Voice Guy, who won Britain's Got Talent. But Freddie says he’s funnier – and we don’t doubt it!

With the current restrictions on public gatherings the marathon is on hold until October 4th. Freddie is still planning to run though, and Grumpy Nick won’t be getting out of the 26.2 mile run either.

And while there's disappointment about the delay to the marathon, there are still ways to help. The London Marathon team has come up with the 2.6 challenge, as a way for people to challenge themselves and raise some money for charity too.

Starting on the original date of the London Marathon – the 26th of April – the goal is to work 2.6 (or 26) into an activity. That might be walking around the garden for 26 minutes, or running around it in less than 2.6 minutes. Or it might be a 2.6 mile walk near your home. The only rule is that people follow government guidance on social distancing. (and of course that they have fun too!)

24th April 2020

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