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We thank Sarah for her amazing work with dementia sufferers

Sarah got her first two miniature donkeys around the time her Mum started showing signs of dementia. Her Mum loved spending time with these adorable animals.

As her Mum’s illness progressed she was moved to a nursing home and, knowing how much her Mum loved them, Sarah started to take the miniature donkeys with her to visit. It was during one of these visits that a member of staff asked if she could take a donkey in to see someone who wasn’t well enough to leave her room. So Sarah did, and Mini Donks was born.

Now Sarah’s miniature donkeys go to care homes and many other events and places to spread joy. Stroking and fussing over a donkey is just part of the picture though because it also gives residents something to talk about with family and friends, long after the Mini Donks have gone home.

To celebrate everything Sarah has done and to say thank you, we helped to surprise her at The Aylsham Show. The volunteers who work with Sarah and the donkeys which she cares for were all out to pay tribute to her hard work.

Watch the full surprise below and, tissue warning, this one gets emotional.

21st September 2019

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