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New initiative helps athletes give back to communities

After making us proud at the Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics this summer, our elite athletes will be able to help and inspire the communities that have supported them thanks to a new social impact initiative called ChangeMaker.

Alongside inspiring a nation, Britain’s athletes have voiced their desire to do more, and give back to causes in their local communities. By taking part in the ChangeMaker initiative they can choose the social impact project they wish to support. It could be a grassroots sport project, a mental health initiative or an environmental programme – whatever the athlete’s passion is, ChangeMaker will support them. They will be helped to make a difference to their chosen cause in the two weeks immediately after the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The ChangeMaker initiative will match athletes to causes that reflect their passions and provide them with support to ensure that they can use their voice to make a difference. ChangeMaker is a partnership between The National Lottery’s new operator Allwyn, Team GB, ParalympicsGB and UK Sport.

Emily Campbell, the weightlifter and Olympic Silver medal-winner, is one of many athletes who have voiced their passion for making a difference through social impact. She said, “I’m really excited to be part of the ChangeMaker initiative because, thanks to support from The National Lottery, we will be able to give back to the communities that we are from, like mine in Nottingham.

“As athletes we put our heart and soul into representing our nation to make everyone proud. But we’re people too, each with our own passions outside of sport. I want to use my voice to empower more children and young females specifically, to be strong, healthy and confident by having positive conversations about body image and tackling outdated opinions around female appearance and health.

“This summer’s Olympic and Paralympic Games will give athletes a platform to talk about the topics that mean a lot to them and I want to encourage my fellow Team GB and ParalympicsGB teammates to join me in this. It’s important that we give back to the communities that made us. I plan to open my own gym in Nottingham in the future, for all abilities and economic backgrounds, to explore making weightlifting accessible for all.”

David Smith, ParalympicsGB Boccia gold medallist said, “The ChangeMaker initiative is a great opportunity for us, as athletes, to use our platform to talk about issues we are most passionate about.

“ParalympicsGB and Team GB athletes feel strongly about a wide range of different causes and I personally would like to get more involved in championing social inclusion. I want disabled people to be able to achieve their full potential, in whatever it is they love doing and I’m grateful to The National Lottery and the other partners in giving us this chance to give back to our communities.”

Andria Vidler, CEO of National Lottery Operator Allwyn, added, “We are delighted to announce the ChangeMaker initiative as the first campaign from Allwyn’s new Social Value Fund. Our incredible Olympic and Paralympic athletes will inspire a nation this summer and we look forward to supporting them to come back after the Games to uplift their communities through their passion.

“Working alongside UK Sport, Team GB and ParalympicsGB, we have seen that athletes are motivated by the impact they can have as part of their community and want to do even more to support the causes they are passionate about. This programme will enable athletes to do just that.”

The ChangeMaker initiative is the first social impact programme to be supported by a £1Million Social Value Fund set up by the new operator of The National Lottery, Allwyn. The aim of the Fund is to create additional value to existing funding and collaborate with partners to amplify the overall impact The National Lottery has on high streets and communities.

The ChangeMaker campaign has been made possible by around half of the Fund, with further initiatives to be rolled out with different partners this summer. The Fund is not being funded by money allocated for National Lottery Good Cause funding or National Lottery players.

25th March 2024

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