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With your help Young Ambassadors in Scotland are making a difference

From Dumfries to Dundee, Inverness to Irvine and everywhere in between, young people from across the Scotland are being supported with help from National Lottery players and SportScotland.

In Scotland there’s a team of unsung heroes working to inspire and motivate young people in schools and sports clubs across the country, all thanks to you. By playing the National Lottery you help SportScotland to fund the Young Ambassador programme which has supported over 3,500 young people as they become young leaders in sport.

Erin Gillen is just one Young Ambassador who has benefitted from the initiative. She shares the impact you’ve made to her development, “If it wasn't for National Lottery funding I couldn't have joined the Young Ambassador programme and gained the skills and confidence I have today.”

But it’s not just the individuals who benefit; Young Ambassadors also inspire and motivate their peers to get involved in sport, as Erin goes on to explain, “I’m now on my school’s sports council, I run after school and lunchtime clubs, organise competitions and speak to people in school and in the community.”

Throughout the year, Young Ambassadors are also given the opportunity to design, deliver and attend conferences to build on their skills alongside elite athletes and Active Schools.

Rebekah Singer is one of the Young Ambassadors who played a part this year. Rebekah explains, “I had the opportunity, not only to become a Young Ambassador but also to work on the Young Ambassador Conference Delivery Team. Both of these experiences have allowed me to become more confident in sport and in my day-to-day life and to develop my leadership, organisation and communication skills.

Olympic medallist, snowboarder Jenny Jones hosted this year’s conference in Glasgow and saw the positive impact the initiative had on the Young Ambassadors, "Not only are they eager to learn, but they recognise that sport is an awesome way to express yourself and channel their efforts into something positive.”

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