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Halifax gardener swept away by £1Million win

Everything is coming up roses for a Halifax gardener who raked in a £1Million windfall with a single line on EuroMillions.

Mark Chalmers, 56, said he was swept away when he realised he’d become a millionaire.

“My wife said I just let out this almighty scream! I didn’t know it was possible for my voice to be so high pitched!

“I do have to keep pinching myself as I am constantly thinking this has to be a dream which I am going to wake up from. Things like this just don’t happen to normal people like me.”

Bed of Roses

Mark has no plans to give up his gardening work just yet but life for him and his family will, from now on, be a bed of roses.

“I could never let my customers down. I love my work and the people I work for so I do not have any plans to stop working at the moment.

“My family and I can now look forward to a fantastic future with no money worries.”

Mark says he and his wife, Ruth, 57, now plan to help their two daughters, who are currently renting, to get on to the property ladder.

“Helping my two daughters is also a top priority – it’s every dad’s dream to see their kids sorted.”

Halifax gardener swept away by £1M win

First time for everything

Mark is planning to celebrate with his family this weekend – with a champagne dinner.

“I have never had champagne before and I cannot think of any better occasion to be tasting champagne for the first time than becoming £1 million richer.

“Winning the lottery is something which everyone always dreams about happening but I never truly believed this could happen to me – and it has!”

23rd February 2018

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