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Carpenter nails down £1Million win

A self-employed carpenter from Stratford-upon-Avon celebrated winning £1Million on EuroMillions by buying everyone in his local pub a drink.

Aaron Fawden, 47, is now planning to buy a new house, treat his parents and get a new work van. He has already bought himself a new car – an Audi SQ5.

The win also means he can invest money for his two children aged 15 and 10 and treat them to an amazing holiday.

Big win

Aaron checked his ticket early on the morning after the draw and realised he’d become a millionaire.

“It was 7am and I was making up my flask of tea for the day before going to work. I checked the numbers; nothing and then checked the code. I looked, and checked it again and again.

“I then went to the Post Office as I knew they would be open so early to check the actual ticket. They told me I had to contact Camelot as it was a ‘big win’. I dashed home to call but as it was still only 7:30am I had to wait until 9am when the phone line opened.”

Day in a daze

Not wanting to let his customer down, Aaron still went to work even after the win was confirmed to finish off a project, but admitted it was a surreal day.

“I’d just been told I was a millionaire and the day was just bit of a daze. I didn’t finish the job but the customer was fine about things, it isn’t every day you win a million pounds.”

He said the win is ‘mind-blowing’ and is slowly sinking in.

“I’ve won small amounts before, but this is just amazing. I still can’t really believe it has happened to me, even though the money is in my bank account.”

20th April 2018

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