Focus pocus: Denis forgets his specs and wins £116Thousand

Denis Fawsitt, an 80-year-old retired coal miner and builder from South Derbyshire, has won £116,124.40 on EuroMillions and has a moment of forgetfulness to thank for his windfall.

Denis regularly buys a EuroMillions ticket and always uses family birthdays for his numbers. But when he went to buy a ticket for the 16th March 2021 draw, he discovered he’d forgotten his spectacles and was unable to see the play slip properly.

He said, “I tried to pick my numbers, but I just couldn’t. I went to pay for my papers and asked the lady behind the counter for a Lucky Dip. It turned out to be one of my best decisions ever.”

This lucky piece of forgetfulness means that Denis and his 75-year-old wife, Ann, are £116,124 better off and are hoping to treat themselves to a house and garden makeover.

Denis and Ann didn’t dance around the house or pop a bottle of Champagne when they realised they had won. Ann said, “Not at our age, especially with Denis’ bad back. Denis had a drop of whisky and I had a small sherry. We then put the lucky winning ticket in the living room cabinet for safekeeping before the people from The National Lottery were able to validate the ticket.

“When the win was confirmed, we did have a glass or two of fizz, and when this horrible Covid has gone away and it’s safe, we’ll have a big family party to celebrate.”

In the meantime, Ann has her eye on a new electric cooker and a foam mattress while Denis fancies a new TV.

Ann said, “We can treat ourselves to a few nice things but, mostly importantly, give some to the family.”

Asked if he’ll continue with birthdays or Lucky Dips when picking his numbers, Denis said, “I still play every week and even though I won without my glasses I’ll make sure I take them now as I am back to playing with family birthday dates.”

22nd April 2021

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