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Ulverston mum beats cancer and then wins £1Million

A couple from Ulverston have seen tough few months rounded off with a £1Million EuroMillions win. They are now looking forward to living the life they have always dreamed of with their daughter.

Helen and Derek Garnett from Ulverston are celebrating a life changing EuroMillions win and admit that they now have so much to look forward to. It was only at the end of 2016 that mum of one Helen was diagnosed with cancer and a couple of months later Derek injured his leg.

Helen, 38, explains, “This win really could not have come at a better time. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer at the end of last year. Fortunately, I got the all clear earlier this year which was the best news I could have hoped for.

“A few months later Derek snapped a tendon in his leg and was forced to take three months off – he has only just returned to work. So we obviously lost quite a bit of money around this time.

“And now we have won on EuroMillions – this is just a dream come true for us.”

Spending plans

Helen, a shop assistant has no plans to give up work and says she will use the newfound fortune to live life to the full. She has already been out and bought the car of her dreams, a Mercedes, and is also planning for a new family home.

The couple had recently put their home up for sale with plans to move to a bigger property but after the win this has all changed.

“Now, thanks to our win, we will be able to keep our existing home and rent it out and buy a bigger new home – the house of our dreams – too!

“Never did we ever believe we would be in the position to do this. It is just life changing.”

Online win

Helen had been out celebrating her dad’s birthday on the night of the draw and decided to go online to check her ticket when she got home.

“There was an email from Camelot saying I had good news and to log into my account. I thought I had probably won two or three pounds. But I then saw all of the zeros. I just thought this cannot be right. I kept counting the zeros over and over again.

Helen rushed upstairs to wake Derek, 52, a welder at Sellafield, who was in bed. She urged him to count the zeros.

“He counted them and then just shouted out: ‘We have won £1Million. There are definitely six zeros!’ I actually think we are both still in shock and this news is still sinking in.

“We have so much to look forward to now, the choices are endless.”

13 October 2017

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