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Christmas Day joy for new millionaire

A father of two from Warrington couldn't believe his £1M Christmas Day win declaring "The only word for it is surreal. This is the best ever ending to 2015 and the best ever start to 2016."

John Gill, who runs his own truck repair company, only bought his ticket an hour before the Christmas Day EuroMillions draw took place. His last minute festive purchase turned out to be worth a whopping £1M and a luxury chalet experience.

John, who has been married for more than 30 years and has two children with Patricia, couldn’t believe it when he checked his ticket online. "I just kept thinking this cannot be real. I just couldn't work out if I had won £100, £1,000, or £100,000 – and then I realised it was £1,000,000. I just kept staring at my computer screen I could not believe it.

"It just didn’t seem real – and still doesn’t. I just kept staring at the noughts, looking away and then looking again thinking am I going cross–eyed this just cannot be true?"

John and Patricia now able to make their dream Christmas list a reality – with a white Jaguar, business class travel to Australia and a trip to the Grand Canyon all planned.

“All those things that have been on our bucket list can now become a reality. Winning the lottery just opens up so many doors and the choices are endless,” said John. "Everything we have always dreamed of doing we can now do – being able to look after our family is also so important to us."

In addition to the £1M cashprize, John and Patricia will also enjoy a one week luxury stay in one of the most spectacular lodges in Scandinavia, with maid service and a private chef. The couple will arrive by helicopter and be treated to the five–star luxury treatment throughout.

John said, "To win £1M is a dream in itself but to have a holiday too – and a holiday like this – is just a once in a lifetime experience."

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