Lucky Laura’s £100Thousand EuroMillions ‘wake up call’

Most people feel lucky if they wake up on a Saturday morning to be greeted with a nice cup of tea. So imagine Laura Hatch’s excitement when she sat up in bed, checked her phone and discovered she had scored a £100,576.20 online EuroMillions win!

Laura, a 27-year-old graphic designer and web content manager from Louth, had just found out her partner, Chris, had won £3 in the EuroMillions draw on 5th February. The couple had bought their own Lucky Dip tickets for the same draw, so Laura thought she should check her numbers too.

Laura said, “I had literally just woken up and was sitting in bed scrolling on my phone. We both logged into our National Lottery online accounts and Chris discovered he had won £3 in the EuroMillions draw.

“I had bought 2 EuroMillions Lucky Dip tickets for the same draw so I just thought I may as well check my tickets too. I quickly realised I had won something and thought it was probably £3 like Chris.

“My eyes were really tired and I couldn’t see clearly what was in front of me so I asked Chris to check for me. He just burst out with… ‘you have won £100k!’ I said, ‘no, never, something like this wouldn’t happen to us!’ And he said, ‘no, really, you absolutely have!’ I just couldn’t believe it. We just sat looking at each other – I was totally gob-smacked – there are no other words for it!”

It was only after speaking to Camelot she realised the size of her windfall. Laura said she and Chris will continue playing The National Lottery. She said, “You always think something like this doesn’t happen to people like us. But we are proof it absolutely does!”

Laura, who moved from Essex to Lincolnshire to live closer to her family, plans to put her win towards a deposit on a house with a garage and garden. There are plans to help Chris, 26, buy a new motorbike and the couple would love to take a dream holiday as soon as it is allowed and safe to do so.

Laura said, “So many new opportunities have now opened up to us. It is an incredible feeling. We are both looking forward to making some very special memories together!”

19th February 2021

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