Michael is thanking his lucky stars for his EuroMillions win

Retired aircraft engineer Michael Hunter, 62, is enjoying a double celebration after winning £84,897.80 by matching the five main numbers and one Lucky Star number on his EuroMillions lucky dip ticket he bought on his birthday.

Michael, who lives in Alton in Hampshire, couldn’t believe it when he heard the lucky ‘ping’ sound on The National Lottery app so had to ask a friend to check it for him.

Speaking of the moment, Michael said,“I scanned the ticket and it pinged! I think I was so shocked that I didn’t look at the amount, just ran into my friend’s house and asked her to check the EuroMillions numbers in the paper. As she was reading them out I kept saying ‘I’ve got that, and that!’ It was an amazing moment but I still hadn’t worked out what I’d won so, instead of using the app again, I called Camelot who confirmed the exact amount. I don’t mind saying I was utterly gobsmacked and my friend had to pour herself a glass of wine to steady her nerves!”

With the win confirmed and the nerves steadied, Michael is starting to plan how this birthday treat can help his retirement. He’s looking to upgrade from a flat to a small house and treat those close to him. It's certainly going to make this year’s birthday one to remember.

3rd December 2019

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