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First giant EuroMillions winner this year – one ticket–holder bags £19.9M jackpot

Have you checked your ticket? If not why not? The Valentine’s Day EuroMillions draw saw one UK ticket–holder bag a massive £19.9M jackpot – and we are waiting for a call to claim.

This is the first UK jackpot winner of 2017 and follows a couple of record setting years. Last year 8 ticket–holders in this country walked away with a EuroMillions jackpot, following a record 9 winners in 2015.

To see if you are the winner, check your numbers now – you are looking for 2, 10, 24, 40, 44 and the Lucky Stars 3 and 10.

We are waiting for the winning ticket–holder to come forward and claim their prize. All players are urged to check their tickets and emails to see if they have banked the life changing jackpot. The total prize won is £19,987,961.20 – don't forget the 20p.

Once the ticket–holder has contacted The National Lottery, they will be called by a Winners’ Advisor. The ticket will have to be validated and then the prize will be paid. During the validation meeting, the ticket–holder can decide whether to go public and share their news. If they decide to remain anonymous, then no information on whether the ticket–holder is an individual or syndicate winner, or where the ticket was purchased, will be shared.

Read more about the validation meeting and role of the Winners’ Advisor.

Once paid, the ticket–holder will have a fortune to rival a modern pop phenomenon and footballing royalty. According to The Sunday Times Rich List, songwriter Sam Smith is worth £20M, while over in Madrid, the Welsh wonder Gareth Bale is worth £21M.

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