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Pompey fan gets £1Million birthday surprise

A Portsmouth Football Club season ticket holder will be watching Pompey play from the ‘posh’ seats after winning £1Million on EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker.

Jason Jagodzinski, 38, is putting his win down to a lucky trend he has noticed over the years.

“My birthday is at the end of March and while I know it sounds a bit odd, I’m convinced as the weeks tick down to the date, I get luckier! The rest of the year I’m hopeless if I have a flutter on the horses or football, but in February and March my luck turns. This time it’s more than turned, it’s gone through the roof!”

‘Silly’ season tickets

Jason already has a few ‘silly’ plans to enjoy his win but plans take his time to make the right decisions to ensure security for all his family in the years to come.

“First and foremost I need to make sure that those close to me are looked after. There’ll be some silliness, a trip to Disneyland for all the kids in the family, an upgrade on my car to a Ford Focus RS – before I could only afford the ST – and next season my brother and I will be watching Pompey play from the ‘posh’ seats.

“Other than that I’m not sure what my next step will be but it’s exciting to know that whatever I decide, the money is there to give me the freedom and security to do it.”

Jumping for joy

Jason picked up some lunch and a EuroMillions ticket from his local shop and thought nothing more of it until he came back days later to check.

“I handed over the ticket saying ‘you’d better check that’. When the machine bell rang I thought it meant it had run out of paper until the shop assistant told me it meant a big win, probably £50,000, and I’d better call Camelot.”

With a queue of people behind him, Jason was taken to one side by the shop manager. After checking he turned to Jason and said “congratulations, mate, you are a millionaire!”

Jason and the other shoppers all celebrated on the spot.

“I was completely stunned, and then I had a little jump around to celebrate. All the other shoppers in the shop were cheering for me and slapping me on the back, it was an amazing moment.”

Business as usual

While many new millionaires might have headed home, Jason, a yard manager at a local aggregates business, decided to go into work and carry on as normal. But by the time he got to the office he was shaking like a leaf and his boss had to help him make that all important call to Camelot.

“The snow was coming down pretty heavy so the boss decided we’d close early but nobody wanted to leave until I’d had the call back from Camelot to confirm the win. We were all in the office and it was silent as I spoke to the lady from Camelot. When she said ‘I can confirm you are a millionaire’ I gave a thumbs up and everyone cheered, and I don’t mind saying I had tears in my eyes.”

7th March 2018

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