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Slough IT syndicate scoop £158Thousand playing online

A dozen IT workers from Slough are all smiles after winning £158Thousand online in the EuroMillions draw on 6th February. All originally from within the same team at the IT firm Logicalis UK Limited in Slough, the ‘Logicalis 12’ are now each £13.2Thousand richer and the talk of the office.

Syndicate leader Pauline Rogers, who set the syndicate up a couple of years ago online at, was the first to discover the exciting news the morning after the draw. She came into work early and had just sat down to her bowl of breakfast porridge when she came across an email from Camelot.

“We’ve had a few small wins along the way and usually when I shout out the win in our open plan office, there’s quite a bit of friendly banter and joking about our £2.70 wins. I saw there was a message from Camelot with news about our ticket and to be honest thought it was going to be another £2.70 and another round of friendly ribbing. When I logged into the account and saw it was £158,759.50, I knew there’d be more than friendly ribbing in the office that day!

“There was only one other syndicate member in the office at that time so I called her over to look at my screen. We both just stared at it trying not to blurt out to everyone what had happened.”

Word gets around

One by one as the majority of the syndicate arrived in the office Pauline took them aside to share the good news and, once the final person had seen the message, shared the good news with the rest of the office.

“A couple of people have left the company but chose to remain in the syndicate so we had to send messages to them as well as to those who were on holiday. One of the syndicate who was supposed to have the day off came in once she heard the news because she wanted to be with us all to celebrate. It was a crazy day and at the risk of sounding greedy, one Wednesday we’d all like to repeat on a regular basis!”

A dozen dream plans

After all the syndicate members knew about their win, and the money was safely deposited in the bank, thoughts turned to their plans for the winnings.

For Pauline, who has worked at Logicalis for nine years, her share will mean a new front door and a little windfall for her two children. Other lucky syndicate members have plans for holidays to exciting destinations including Dubai and Las Vegas, a deposit for a first home and for those already with a home of their own, some renovations including a new kitchen worktop and a bathroom.

“While we always dreamt of a win I guess we never thought it could be this big. Sharing this money with the syndicate is a wonderful experience and it was the best feeling to share the news with each person on that cold Wednesday morning.”

12th February 2018

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