£1Million prize puts the ‘fling’ in Craig and Karen’s Highland holiday

A feather duvet might not be everyone’s choice of a first purchase after winning an incredible £1Million prize on The National Lottery, but Craig and Karen Mitchell have a special reason for snapping up some snuggly new bedwear.

The couple were holidaying in Scotland with friends when they learned they’d bagged a £1Million EuroMillions Millionaire Maker win. To remind themselves of the life-changing moment they decided to find out the make of the luxurious duvet they’d been enjoying at the holiday home and buy one for themselves.

Karen, 53, said, “The feather duvets at the holiday home were amazing, way better than ours at home. So once I knew we’d won, I got in touch with the owners to ask them where they bought their duvets from. Possibly not your obvious first purchase.”

The couple's winning journey started on a Saturday morning following a stroll on the beach and a hearty cooked breakfast. Craig spotted a message from The National Lottery app on his phone and showed it to Karen. She said, “It might just be a tenner, but ring The National Lottery and see…"

Craig, 53, said, “It was a surreal moment. Karen and I were in the bedroom secretly calling the National Lottery line while everyone else was getting ready to go sight-seeing. As soon as the win was confirmed Karen started dancing and whooping with joy; I could have kissed her like we were 15 all over again – and the crowd downstairs quickly forgot about sightseeing, wanting to know what all the fuss was about.”

Taking up the story, Karen, a specialist cancer care nurse, said, “We went downstairs and announced we had something to say. Everyone was worried it was bad news, so it was wonderful to tell them that we’d won the lottery! Their faces were a picture.

“We did try to go sight-seeing but I think we were all in such a state of shock that by 3pm we’d given up and headed to the nearest bar for celebratory cocktails. Discovering we’d won on The National Lottery was incredible, but what has made it doubly special was being with people who mean so much to us. We’re very blessed.”

The couple shared the good news with their 2 sons who responded with some colourful language and requests for a Canada Goose coat and a new golf club.

Karen said, “We both play The National Lottery each week on the app, and while Craig is ever hopeful, I genuinely think I manifested the win. I used to say ‘when we win the millions’, not if, and now here we are. Admittedly, while I was always confident we’d win, it hasn’t made the reality any less exciting!”

The couple’s priority will be helping out their sons and close members of their family. Karen said, “Knowing that those dearest to us will also benefit from the win is the icing on the cake to this whole amazing adventure."

Karen has already bought herself a new car and Craig is trying to choose between several dream cars. While they have no intention of retiring early, the couple plan to enjoy many more mini-breaks and weekends away.

11th October 2023

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