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Full steam ahead for railway syndicate

A syndicate of 54 rail workers were emailed and asked to guess how much they thought they’d won on unlucky Friday 13th October. None of them guessed it was £1Million in the special EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker draw.

Syndicate leader, Steve Corrigan, discovered the win but then waited a further 24-hours before he told his fellow syndicate members as it just seemed like perfect news for a Friday afternoon.

“I checked the ticket in the local supermarket the Thursday after the draw. The assistant said it was a winning ticket but she couldn’t tell me how much. She just said it was over £500.

“I just assumed it would be £501”

How much?

Steve went home and very calmly checked the ticket on the National Lottery app and discovered it was £1Million.

“I couldn’t quite believe it and I don’t think it really sank in how much £1Million really is. I immediately got my calculator out and started to work out how much this would mean for each of us.”

Friday feeling

Steve decided not to tell the other syndicate members until the end of the working day on the Friday.

“This just seemed the perfect time to do it. At the end of the week. What better news to end the week on? I just sent an email to everyone to ask them to meet me in the canteen at 3.30pm.

“I said to everyone I had news about our ticket and the win was a level where we needed to discuss how we would share the cash.”

After asking for guesses at the meeting and with a couple of suggestions of £1,000, Steve revealed it was a lot more. “I think everyone was just totally shocked.”


Stephenson’s Rockets, who all work as railway signalling design engineers for Network Rail across Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and the North East, will each bank £18,500. A total of 19 of the syndicate decided to share news of their win and pose of pictures.

Syndicate members ages range from 21 to 60 and in addition to a special work Christmas party this year, their plans also include deposits on houses, new kitchens, cars and holidays.

Since the win, the work syndicate has been growing in size and now has 71 members.

Steve said, “We certainly aren’t going to stop playing now – if Friday 13th can bring us this much luck – who knows what future Fridays can bring to us. I think more and more people now want to share in the luck and the chance of winning. This is an amazing sum of money which will make a real difference to all of our lives.”

31st October 2017

The National Lottery has been changing the lives of winners and supporting good causes across the UK since 1994. In that time, there have been more than 5,900 new millionaires created and by playing The National Lottery you raise £30Million for good causes every week.

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