A morning coffee and a £1Million win for Lizbet

After enjoying a family Christmas, Lizbet Ramus, 55, discovered her £1Million EuroMillions win over a cup of coffee on Boxing Day. The first thing she did was call her brother and ask for a favour…

Lizbet said, “I’d left my van at Dad’s the night before so when I called saying I needed a favour, my brother assumed I wanted him to give me a lift to pick up the van. I said, ‘that’s right but I also need you to check these numbers and tell me I’m a millionaire!’ He was on my doorstep 5 minutes later, and then we were both laughing and dancing around the kitchen in celebration.”

The win comes at the end of a sad year for Lizbet, whose mum passed away earlier in 2019. She said, “We lost Mum earlier this year and not a day goes by when I don’t miss her. She was such a thoughtful person and an amazing mum so I can’t help thinking this is her spreading a little Christmas magic at a time when I really needed it.”

After confirming her win from Tuesday 24th December’s draw, Lizbet took a quiet couple of days to mull over her life-changing prize before telling her dad and son, Reggie.

She’s already started to make plans for 2020. A holiday to either Hong Kong or Portugal (or maybe both) to see friends is on the list. Lizbet also has plans for a seaside cottage for her and her dog.

2nd January 2020

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