A tasty win for chef David and wife Stacey

After checking his ticket using The National Lottery app late one Saturday night, David Taylor, 40, tried to call his wife to tell her about their £1Million EuroMillions win.

But Stacey, 37, was in the middle of a shift and couldn't answer, so he sent a photo of the lucky Millionaire Maker code and asked her to call him. David said, “She didn’t believe me and was so excited when she called back! It was unbelievable really – it still is!”

According to David, the most he’d won before was £100 on a scratchcard. So, as soon as he realised the value of his prize, he put the winning ticket straight in the safe.

It’s a double celebration for this Welsh couple, from Llanharry near Cardiff, who are also celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

Their plans are already forming after their win. David’s keen to spend more time with his children and he says he’s going to be able to reduce his working hours slightly to do so. Stacey, who works as a nursing assistant, is looking forward to upgrading the family’s summer holiday.

David and Stacey are also looking for a dream home and they’re planning a couple of larger cars to get them and their two children around in style.

Choosing the new cars is part of the fun of a big win and David said, “I can’t wait to start going for test drives, but we won’t be getting the cars until we’ve bought our dream house with a driveway to put them on!”

3rd March 2020

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