Everything's cushty for £108M EuroMillionaire

The biggest winner this year – and the fourth biggest National Lottery winner ever – Neil Trotter landed £108 million in March 2014.

Neil celebrated his EuroMillions jackpot win and joked, "being Trotters we were always going to be millionaires one day!"

The car mechanic and racing driver from Coulsdon thought he had heard every Only Fools and Horses joke but said, "I can see this is going to run and run." Just like Del and Rodney, Neil believed being a millionaire was his destiny.

In an eerie premonition he had told staff at his Dad’s office on the day of his win that “this time tomorrow" he’d be a millionaire. Just hours later he saw his EuroMillions Lucky Dip bank him an incredible £107,932,603.20 and make him the fourth biggest lottery winner in the country.

Neil’s positive thinking came to a head leading up to his win, "I’ve always thought I’d win big and I’d had a good feeling all week."

"On Friday evening I took out my ticket to check the winning numbers and amazingly one by one they matched. I told Nicky, my partner, "I’ve done it, I’ve won the lottery". Apparently I turned white as a sheet and couldn’t sit still, I kept walking round the house – I didn’t know what to do with myself."

He told staff at his Dad’s office on the day of his win that 'this time tomorrow' he’d be a millionaire.

Neil now plans to hang up his car mechanic overalls and follow his passion for British Touring Car racing. Having enjoyed many years of driving in various classes Neil is now chasing his dream drive.

"I worked my last shift on Friday repairing and spraying other people’s cars", promised Neil. "I’m taking time off and going to really enjoy following the British Touring Car Championships. It’s my passion and wouldn’t mind a guest driver slot if I can find the right car!"

Neil will be trading in his current drive, a Ford Focus, and will be investing in a fleet of supercars. "I would love to own a Hyper car – that would be amazing. Something like the McLaren although I’m not sure how easy they are to get hold of."

Neil's win has catapulted him into fourth place in the National Lottery Rich List. Neil and his partner Nicky Ottaway still can’t believe their life-changing win.

Nicky said, "One day we are normal working people and the next we can afford anything. I still can’t really understand how much it is."

The National Lottery has been changing the lives of winners and supporting good causes across the UK since 1994. In that time, there have been more than 7,200 new millionaires created and by playing The National Lottery you raise over £4 million for Good Causes every dayΔ.

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