£1Million win shocks electrician

Simon Waddup, 31, had planned his whole working life so that one day he would be able to develop property. Now that's a reality, thanks to a £1,000,000 EuroMillions win on Tuesday 19th May, a win made all the more amazing because it was the first time he played EuroMillions.

He studied Design and Technology at GCSE, took work experience shadowing an electrician, worked on building sites to learn various trades, and then studied to become an electrician. Simon has even studied building planning in his spare time.

Simon said, “For as long as I can remember I have wanted to buy old properties, do them up and build my own portfolio. Friends and family laughed at my dream, especially when I was a teenager, but I was so focused, always thinking about how I would do it.”

After a shopping trip he checked his National Lottery online account and noticed he had £5 in his wallet. Simon said, "I didn’t even know what day it was, or what type of draw was available next, but saw I could buy a EuroMillions Lucky Dip for £2.50 so decided to buy two for that night’s draw."

“I completely forgot about it until the next morning. I was waiting for a delivery from 7am and at about 8:30am looked at my phone and saw I had a message from The National Lottery. I knew I had won something big but I couldn’t quite believe it was £1Million, and it wasn’t until I called The National Lottery hotline that I let myself believe that it was real."

“I was then in a bit of a daze, just shaking. The first person I told was my ten-year-old daughter and she asked if she could now have a passport, seeing as she has never been abroad. I then phoned my mum and sister and they didn’t believe me. When they finally realised I wasn’t joking, all we could talk about was that my lifelong dream would now be a reality – I could be a property developer."

Since finding out about the win, Simon has spent time researching properties online. He has also treated himself and his daughter to some new clothes as well as splashing out on a new coffee machine.

Simon said, “Due to coronavirus, I can’t celebrate with my family and I can’t wait to see people and talk about the win – I will definitely be treating my family. I will also get a passport for my daughter and, when we can, take a trip abroad; she has already told me that she wants to go to Spain.”

2nd June 2020

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