Motor mechanic revs up lifestyle after £1Million EuroMillions win

Sarah Williams didn’t think she would ever conquer her fear of flying. But now her motor mechanic husband, Dave, has won an incredible £1Million prize on EuroMillions, she’s determined to buckle up and start exploring the world.

Sarah, 55, said, “I’ve always been scared to fly and it’s never been a serious problem. But now that the world really is our oyster, it feels like it’s time to do something about it. I didn’t think I would ever overcome my fear of flying, but then I didn’t ever think that Dave would win £1Million on EuroMillions!”

Dave, a 58-year-old from Cardiff, admits his heart started revving when he checked The National Lottery app the day after the EuroMillions draw on 21st May 2024 and discovered what he thought was a £100,000 win.

The former rally driver called The National Lottery straight away and said ‘I think I’ve won £100,000’. When he was put on hold briefly he feared he’d made a mistake and won a much smaller prize.

Dave said, “I thought it was actually a tenner. So, when the gentleman came back on the line to say ‘Mr Williams, you said you’ve won £100,000’ and paused, my heart really sank. It leaped again when he continued ‘I’m pleased to tell you, you’ve actually won £1Million’.”

Dave added, “I’d always hoped and dreamed I’d have a big win on The National Lottery. But in all my daydreams I never thought I’d celebrate this sort of news by swearing loudly for a good five minutes!”

Sarah admits she took some convincing when Dave called her with the good news.

She said, “I honestly thought Dave was winding me up at first. I didn’t think anything could be more exciting than my son and his girlfriend giving us our first grandchild last year, but I think this is coming in a close second!”

The couple, who married in 2011, are already hatching exciting plans for their future.

Dave said, “We’ll invest a big chunk for the future and we’ll be looking for our dream home. Once we’ve found that, we fully intend to explore more of Wales and the rest of the UK in our campervan.”

The big win is also great news for Dave and Sarah’s dogs, Trevor, Mavis and Winnie. The couple are determined their next home will have plenty of outdoor space for the much-loved pets.

Sarah said, “The dogs are a very important part of our family. Trevor, Mavis and Winnie have always been there keeping me smiling. So, making sure they also benefit from the win is a given.”

10th June 2024

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