Pure luck of a last-minute EuroMillions win

A South Gloucestershire man cleared out his old wallet just in the nick of time. James Wilson discovered a six-month-old EuroMillions ticket worth more than £50,000 and claimed his cash – with just one day to spare before the ticket would have expired.

When James found the ticket, he realised it was a winner – but was he too late? Along with his father, he counted the days to see if it was still within the 180-day claim deadline. He still wasn’t sure if that £51,232.90 was still his to claim when he called Camelot the next morning.

James said: 'I can’t tell you how relieved I was when I got through to someone the following morning and they confirmed that I wasn't too late to claim my prize.'

The National Lottery had been appealing to players in James' local area to check their tickets to find the winner for over 5 months, but James hadn't realised.

'When I met with The National Lottery adviser he told me, but I had no idea. It was purely luck that I stumbled upon the ticket before it expired,' a relieved James said.

James, who works in a warehouse, recently got married and he and his wife are currently living with her parents outside Bath while they save up for the deposit on a house – something they are now able to afford.

James added: 'This win will make such a massive difference to us. We worked hard and managed to save up for our wedding but couldn’t afford our own house too. Now we can start house-hunting and hopefully afford a couple of treats along the way.'

It was purely luck that I stumbled upon the ticket before it expired.

All National Lottery players have 180 days from the day of the draw to come forward and claim their prize. Around 2 weeks after any draw, for all unclaimed major prizes over £50,000, Camelot publicises the broad area in which the ticket was purchased. After 180 days the prize and any interest it has earned go to National Lottery Projects.

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