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Family syndicate from Crewe bag £1Million on EuroMillions

A family syndicate of six from the Crewe area had a ‘Wright’ good start to 2018 when they landed a life changing £1Million. They won one of the ten guaranteed £1Million prizes in the EuroMillions Millionaire Maker draw on Friday 29th December 2017.

Melvynn and Anne Wright and their four daughters Joanne, Paula, Melanie and Nicola – ‘The Wright Family Syndicate’ – have equally split the winnings and will each receive £166,666.66. Melvynn said, “I think 2018 will be a year of celebration.”

Melvynn, 74, who plays EuroMillions, Lotto and Thunderball for the family each week, described the win as ‘mind-blowing’. He said it was slowly sinking in that now he and his wife Anne, 71, have financial security and that all four of his daughters have a windfall to make their lives that much better.

“I always said I would win one day. I just had to keep the faith. I also said that no matter if I won or in the syndicate, I would share the winnings with the girls and their families. That’s what a father does.”


Melvynn revealed that as he checked the results on TV he seemed to recognise the code which appeared. “I checked the ticket again and again and I was right. I shouted upstairs to Anne forgetting she may be asleep, fortunately she wasn’t, and told her we’d won. I showed her the ticket and she told me it was all nonsense. I immediately called my eldest Joanne forgetting it was late to tell her the news – she thought something must be wrong with a call after 10pm.”

Family win

Joanne, who only lives a few miles away, dashed around to see if her parents were OK and to check the ticket. Her Dad was right, he did have the winning ticket and, worried about all the excitement, she had packed an overnight bag and stayed with them that night before calling The National Lottery first thing the next morning to stake a claim.

Joanne, 52, said, “As a family we’ve had so many conversations over the years about winning. Dad has always talked about what to do if he won it big. Jump up and down and so on. He calmly went about the house, I think I was in more of a panic than them.

“He’s always been full of hope for a win and now his dream has come true. He had to retire early to look after Mum and all he has ever wanted is to make sure she is OK…the win means that they’ll have financial security.”

Houses, cars and holidays

Originally from County Durham, Melvynn, a retired Transport Manager for a coach company and Anne, a full-time mum moved down to the Midlands to be closer to their daughters. Anne has never had good health and has suffered from cancer in the past.

The couple want to buy a bungalow with the winnings and Melvynn wants to treat Anne to a mobility scooter. “She is very much reliant on other people to get out so with a mobility scooter she’d be able to pop out locally and have some independence.

“The win means my family is going to be well looked after. Pay off mortgages, get a foot on the property ladder, get a car, have a holiday…all the nice things and with this win I think 2018 will be a year of celebration.”

10th January 2018

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