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Wedding bells for Blackpool couple who won £1Million on a Scratchcard

Romantic Andrew Cunliffe was brought to his knees when he discovered his massive £1Million Scratchcard win – after jumping for joy at the size of his new bank balance, he immediately proposed to his long term girlfriend, Natalie.

Blackpool lad Andrew had popped out for teabags when he bought the £100 Million Cash Spectacular Orange Scratchcard from National Lottery GameStore, because that card 'caught his eye'. Little did he know that he would pop that all important wedding question the very same afternoon!

Andrew said, "This is just a dream come true. This is what dreams are made of. Never did I believe something like this would happen to us – but it has – and now I can give my girlfriend the wedding she always dreamed of.

"I waited until I got back to the building site with the teabags before scratching the card and I just could not believe what I saw – it was a feeling of absolute disbelief.

I have to admit there were a few expletives as I shouted out … OMG I have won £1Million! I just couldn't take my eyes off the scratchcard, I just kept thinking, am I seeing things? Am I imagining this? Things like this don't happen to me"

And Andrew said as soon as Natalie came home he just shouted out: "We are millionaires."

Watch the moment Natalie and Andrew revealed their win to her work colleagues

National Lottery luck struck three times for Andrew in one week. After scooping his £1Million scratchcard prize, he then went on to win £25 on Lotto a day later and in the following week’s Lotto draw, he matched 2 numbers and won a lucky dip ticket.

Andrew added, "They say luck comes in threes – well it certainly has for us. We actually still cannot believe it. We have to keep pinching ourselves, thinking we are going to wake up from a dream and discover none of this has really happened."

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