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One year anniversary for Bournemouth £1Million Scratchcard winner

A roofer from Bournemouth has celebrated his first year as a millionaire after banking £1Million on a National Lottery Scratchcard. Jamie Kay, 23, bought the card just nine weeks after becoming a father for the first time and can now look back on an “utterly crazy” year.

When Jamie bought the Millionaire Riches Scratchcard from a local petrol station he was just getting used to fatherhood. Little did he know that he’d very quickly have to get his head around more than just nappy changes.

“When I won the £1 million, Danielle and I were still in the new parent bubble. The arrival of our son nine weeks previously was without doubt the very best day of our lives and we didn’t expect to be dealing with anything more monumental for a while. We’d just moved into a new flat, I was working for the family roofing firm, Danielle was looking after our son and I’d almost got nappy changing sussed!

“Then suddenly we had £1 million and we could do almost anything we wanted!”


While many would forgive a young man coming into that amount of money some crazy moments, from the beginning Jamie was very single-minded about his plans.

Looking back on the year he said, “I’ve done almost exactly what I said I would on the day I won. After my one frivolous treat – a Mercedes AMG – our first, and biggest, purchase was our home. It wasn’t quite what we were looking for when we started house hunting, and has been a monster to renovate, but eight months later we are in and it is the perfect space for our little family.

“Family and friends also benefitted as I shared out a portion of the win, helping some people pay off debts and others just enjoy a little financial boost. It was just so nice to be able to share the win in this way, each time I told someone I was giving them a gift it almost felt like winning all over again. It’s a feeling I can really recommend.”


While a new home and new baby might seem to be plenty to have achieved in 12 months, Jamie is not one to rest on his laurels. In addition to purchasing a second investment property in Bournemouth, the 23 year old also bought a local business.

“I’ve always wanted to work for myself and the win made this possible much sooner than I could ever have dreamt. When I heard that a reputable local business was for sale, and once we’d looked at the figures, I realised this was the perfect business for me.

“I bought it 6 months ago and we are currently doing really well. I’m very proud of what the team and I have achieved but there’s no doubt, we are working hard for every penny… no lolling on a beach for this lottery millionaire I’m afraid!”


Amongst learning the new ropes for his business, managing the renovation of the family home and getting to grips with fatherhood, Jamie has also found time to marry his childhood sweetheart Danielle in a lavish ceremony at a local manor house.

“Being able to give Danielle the wedding of her dreams was certainly the highlight of this crazy 12 months. We were already engaged when I won but never in our wildest dreams could we have thought we’d have a wedding like we did. It was such a special night and made all the more memorable because I won £250 on the National Lottery Scratchcards we chose as our wedding favours!”

It’s been an amazing year for the keen footballer who use to play regularly for Hamworthy United, Jamie summed it up saying, “People say that the first year of parenthood is a whirlwind and they’d be right, add to that becoming a millionaire, buying a new dream home, investing in a business and getting married, it’s been utterly crazy, but a very good crazy!”

28th November 2017

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