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Winners mow a masterpiece into their lawn

A fun-loving couple from Essex who won £3 million on a National Lottery Scratchcard in 2016 are swapping Champagne glasses for Champagne grass. Sue Richards and Barry Maddox have taken their love of a good-looking lawn to new levels – mowing a giant bottle of bubbly in their grass.

From concept to creation

With the help of an expert – Professor of Lawns, Chris Naylor – Barry set to work manicuring and maintaining the lawn before the final masterpiece was snipped to perfection. Sporting a lottery-win-worthy celebratory popping cork, fizz spray and Champagne flutes, the masterpiece took more than 72 hours, three varieties of lawnmower, varying sized scissors and many cups of black tea to complete.

Delighted with the finished article, Barry said, “We were getting infamous for the stripes and checks, so we were up for doing something a bit different. You can’t say this isn’t different! The neighbours must think we are mad but I’ve always taken a lot of pride in my garden and this has been really fun to do too.”

Worth the wait

Sue said, “It might have been the Champagne talking that day because it was a lot harder than we first thought. The early attempts didn’t go so well but when we heard about Chris we immediately thought brilliant, this might just work!

“It’s been great fun, the only challenge has been keeping Barry away from the lawnmower for the last five weeks while we let the grass grow long enough for Chris to be able to work with it. But now it’s complete, we are all agreed it’s been well worth the wait and we just love it.”

Strolling through their new lawn masterpiece, sipping from their National Lottery winner Champagne flutes, Barry joked, “Who knows, maybe we’ve created a trend for the summer, lawn-Moeting. You watch, it’ll be all the rage at Chelsea later this month! It’s just a shame it will have grown out within a week or so.”

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