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Delivery driver picks up £100Thousand Scratchcard prize

When a delivery driver from Manchester won £100,000 on a National Lottery Scratchcard he said he knew right away that it was a gift from above. David Swatman, 39, believes his late grandad who passed away last May is behind his newfound fortune.

Heavens above

David revealed the £100Thousand prize in front of a photo of his late grandad and jumped around the room “cheering and screaming”.

“I have a picture of my grandad next to the TV and sometimes I still like to have conversations with him as if he is still with us. One day I was watching a documentary on lottery winners and I remember vividly telling him to look after me and bless me with a win of my own.

“Low and behold a few months later, I’m sitting here £100,000 richer and it’s all down to him. He’s definitely looking down on me, wherever he is. I can’t believe what he’s done, it’s going to completely change my life.”

No rest for the winner

After the win was confirmed by Camelot, David still geared up for an 11 hour shift.

“My shift started at 1:30am. I was on such a high, but there was no way I was going to call in sick, I have lots of people that depend on me.

“In fact, I worked all weekend as I would normally. It was only Monday that it started to sink in and I started to realise just what had happened to me.”

A home, holiday and hospitality tickets

Top of David’s shopping list is finding a new home, having lived in shared accommodation for the last 18 months. He hopes to visit his parents who now live in Australia, something he’s never been able to afford.

David also plans to use some of his winnings to follow his favourite football team, Liverpool FC, and get hospitality tickets for him and his friends to one of their games.

“I’ve followed Liverpool all my life but because of my job, I often have to work weekends and can’t see them play as often as I would like to. Thanks to this win, I can treat not only myself but my friends as well.

“Who knows, I could even get tickets to the Champions League final in Kiev if Liverpool make it there!”

1st March 2018

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