Life changing

Lucky feeling delivers dream family holiday

A father of four from Whitehaven is planning to take his family on their first holiday to Disneyland, Florida – something he says he could only have ever dreamed about previously. The trip is all thanks to winning the top prize of £300,000 on the £300K Bingo Instant Win Game from National Lottery GameStore.

Darren Taylor, 36, just had a lucky feeling one Saturday night after his wife and children had gone to bed. Logging on to his National Lottery account he can’t even explain why he chose his winning game.

In a dream

The refuse truck driver explains, “I don’t know what it was but I just had a feeling of luck. I had been sitting relaxing and day-dreaming and I just felt warm inside and as if luck was going to come my way.

“This particular game caught my eye so I went for it. When all of the zeros flashed in front of me I couldn’t quite believe it.”

Wife Vicky, 32, who is a care worker was asleep in bed when Darren woke her with news of the win. The care worker said, “I actually thought I was in a dream when he woke me up. It still all seems like a dream which we are going to wake up from. We still cannot believe it. I think it will take time for this amazing news to fully sink in.”

Life changing

As well as a new motorbike and family car, the couple will now be able to buy their own family home. And of course book their dream trip to Disneyland.

“Buying a house of our own is just something which we thought would never happen. Now thanks to this win Vicky and I can buy and own a family home – this is such a wonderful feeling.

“Every parent dreams of being able to take their children to Disneyland but we’ve never had the means to afford it. Now we can and this money will enable us to create magical memories which we will all treasure for the rest of our lives.”

31st October 2017

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