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Dundee mum wins Lotto Raffle

A lucky mum-of-three from Dundee has scooped £1Million in the Lotto Raffle. Shaheen Akhtar couldn’t believe it when the Lottery ticket she had been carrying around in her handbag for weeks turned out to be worth a life changing £1Million – making her a millionaire.

Shaheen, 31, only checked her numbers when she noticed the ticket in her handbag and realised she had never looked to see whether she had won. She checked the numbers on TV and when she saw she had the winning Lotto Millionaire Raffle code she couldn’t believe her luck.

“I ran to the shop where I bought the ticket and asked them to check it again. When it’s a big win it doesn’t tell the retailer the amount and the shopkeeper advised me to call the National Lottery Line."


“I came home and started to call my family to let them know the good news. Most of them were in disbelief and asked things like ‘Are you mad?’ Once I explained that I really had won everyone was happy for me.”

She said, “I never used to believe I would win but then one day I was walking past a shop and saw an advert for a big jackpot. I thought why not try it. I won £250 about 18 months ago, but mostly it has been two numbers which would get me a free Lucky Dip.”

Lucky Dundee

In 2016 it was revealed that Dundee is home to the third highest number of big money Lottery winners (£50,000 and above) per head of population in Scotland over the past two years. Not only that, it ranked sixth in the whole of the UK.


Stay at home mum Shaheen has already made plans on how she is going to spend her winnings. “We currently live in a three-bedroom house. Now my husband and I will be able to buy a bigger home where the children can have their own bedrooms, which they are very excited about."

“I’ve always wanted to go to Dubai, but it was too expensive before, so we will definitely be going on a holiday there. It will also be nice to go shopping and treat myself as it always tends to be for the children.”

Shaheen’s winning Lotto Raffle code was BLUE 2525 6970.

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