Kimberley’s £1Million Lotto win a boost for Mr Bobby Boo

Kimberley Arrandale is still struggling to come to terms with her £1Million Lotto win. But the cleaner from Audenshaw, Greater Manchester, says her top priority is looking after her ageing dog, Mr Bobby Boo.

Kimberley, 50, has experienced a rollercoaster of emotions since winning £1Million on the 30th January Lotto draw. She said, “I really can’t quite believe that this has happened to someone like me! I am just a normal person who has worked hard all my life to pay the bills and look after my kids. It just feels like a dream – I have to keep pinching myself and telling myself I really have won £1Million!"

Kimberley, who is married to Bob, 60, an electronic engineer at Manchester Airport, said her first purchase will be a harness on wheels for Mr Bobby Boo. The couple’s 15-year-old Yorkshire Terrier has mobility issues due to his age.

“I will be buying him the best set of dog wheels money can buy to hopefully make life so much more comfortable for him – and this will bring me and Bob so much joy too.”

Kimberley and Bob have also treated themselves to a bottle of champagne to celebrate her 50th birthday.

Kimberley initially thought she had won £1000 before checking her numbers online. When she realised the actual prize was £1Million she was astounded.

She said, “I just could not absorb all of the zeros and I had to actually take a picture of the screen to double convince myself that what I was seeing was true and it was £1Million and I wasn’t just imagining it.”

Kimberley is looking forward to making some improvements to her home and treating her 2 teenage children. She is also planning a trip to the Bahamas with Bob when restrictions are eased and it is safe to travel.

3rd March 2021

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