Life changing

Bristol family £18.1Million better off

A family syndicate from Bristol has a bright future ahead after their Lucky Dip ticket matched all six numbers to scoop Saturday’s £18.1Million Lotto jackpot.

Dennis, 87 and Shirley, 83 from the winning Banfield family, always dreamt of winning the Lottery for their daughters, Tina, 54 and Karen, 51.

“All that has ever mattered to Shirley and I is that the girls are okay. We are playing the lottery for them, so that they are financially secure forever. To know they are is a wonderful feeling.”

Meet the Banfield family

Date with destiny

As always, Dennis bought the family’s ticket at his local newsagent and tucked it safely in a diary on Sunday’s page ready to check the day after the draw. Come Sunday morning, Shirley read out the numbers commenting, ‘who’d have those numbers?’, with Dennis replying ‘I do!’

Daughters' in disbelief

Daughter Tina, thought the phone call so early on a Sunday must be bad news.

“It’s not every day your parents call you at 8am to tell you that you have won the lottery! So when they did make that call on Sunday, my first thought was it must be a mistake and I immediately headed over to check.

“Seeing those six numbers first on their TV screen and then also matching on the National Lottery website was a magical moment, and it was equally wonderful calling my sister Karen, who, like me, had received the call but assumed it was a mistake. I confirmed the win with her.”

Cars, chauffeurs and World Cups

Dennis and Shirley, both retired and married for 60 years, aren’t planning on uprooting their home anytime soon, but may get some new wheels.

“We haven’t thought about moving house – we’ve lived here for more than 57 years - and while I didn’t think I would be interested in a new car, it is rather tempting. Although with my dodgy knee I might need to get a chauffeur to go with the car.”

For Karen, who works in healthcare, it really is too early to say what she will splash out on, but helping out her two children will be her top priority. Whereas her sister Tina, a Business Relationship Manager, is already planning to pursue her sporting passions.

“It’s too early to make any firm plans about work and new homes but there are some things I’ve always wanted to do and which are now possible. I’m an avid sports fan, especially rugby, so the World Cup in Japan or the Lions Tour of South Africa might be on the cards. And I love fast cars, so why not a Grand Prix? I could even drive there in my dream car, a Porsche 911 Carrera convertible.

Stress-free futures for the whole family

Passions aside, Tina admits the best part of the win is getting to share a stress-free life with her close-knit family.

“It’s not just the tangible things that the win will give us. The win means we can all take life a little calmer, enjoy our time together and share in the experience without worrying about food bills, mortgage payments or pension plans.

“Mum and dad always said they played for us - I can’t tell you how pleased I am that they did!”

20th February 2018

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