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Couple discover £5.8M win on the beach

A couple lay the beach on holiday imagining what it would be like to be millionaires, only to come home and find out they were multi-millionaires! Dawn and Malcolm Bosworth are now planning a life full of holidays.

The Tamworth couple saw an email from The National Lottery while away but couldn’t access their online account as they were outside the UK. Dawn, a factory worker, said, “Malcolm and I were lying on the beach and he said jokingly…we could be millionaires and we don’t even know it. I can’t believe we were sunbathing, swimming, eating and basically enjoying ourselves, dreaming of being millionaires when we were actually sitting on a multi-million pound fortune.”

Dawn and Malcolm played Lotto online on Wednesday 24th June but only returned to the UK in the early hours on Tuesday 7 July. Dawn said, “I put the holiday wash on, emptied my suitcase and as I work shifts from 2pm-10pm, checked my post and emails before I went to work. I saw the National Lottery email and couldn’t believe it…I thought I’d won £5000. I was jumping up and down and asked my daughter to check it for me. She told me I was mistaken and that it was £5 million."

“We all just sat there in disbelief and then I started screaming and shouting. Things like this just don’t happen to people like us.”

Dawn and Malcolm who have four daughters and 10 grandchildren, had both already decided to give up work and were saving and planning their next foreign holiday. The 2016 trip was to celebrate Dawn’s 60th, Malcolm’s 65th and their 40th wedding anniversary, they can now choose where, when and how they travel…first class of course.

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For 25 years The National Lottery has been changing the lives of winners and supporting good causes across the UK. Since November 19th 1994 there have been more than 5,700 new millionaires created and over £41 billion has been given to good causes across the UK.

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