The ‘heavenly’ numbers that helped Susan win £1.2Million

It is 12 years since Susan Crossland and her husband Michael won Lotto using her late father’s numbers. And Susan is convinced the win – on the anniversary of her father’s death – was “heaven sent”.

The couple from Mirfield, who scooped £1.2Million, will give an exclusive interview during the ad break of The Voice UK, when they will be revealing the amazing impact the windfall has had on their family life. Susan, 56, explains it was put towards purchasing a purpose-built house that has rooms adapted for Susan’s siblings, each of whom need full time care.

Susan said, “It’s meant we can always look after my brother and two sisters. My dad always thought he’d win the lottery. I often feel like he is looking down on us and I hope he thinks we are doing a good job of spending our win on the whole family.”

Recalling the Saturday night they won, Susan said she and her husband were sitting in front of the telly. They had played her late father’s Lotto numbers as usual and Michael, who had been at work all day, was dozing behind his newspaper. Susan was busy knitting. Indeed, it wasn’t until the following day they realised the cherished numbers had come up.

In the intervening years, Susan has put her knitting skills to good use supporting a variety of charities. Most recently, in April 2020, she led a group of National Lottery winners from Yorkshire who knitted hand muffs for elderly and vulnerable people.

Her greatest happiness, however, comes from life at home. She said, “We live together in one house. We are a big family – it’s all about being together, being happy and making memories.”

You can get a sneak peek at life at home for £1.2Million Lotto winners Susan and Michael Crossland below.

29th January 2021

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