Lotto winner Steve Glover

Bentley does it… £1Million Lotto winner’s new life in Scotland

Retired taxi driver Steve Glover has traded in his cab for a classic Bentley and several other vehicles, since winning an incredible £1Million Lotto prize.

The 73-year-old has also realised his dream of taking the ‘high road’ to Scotland – swapping his home in Devon for an exciting new life in the Highlands.

Steve’s first treat after winning his National Lottery prize in March 2023 was the purchase of two luxurious motorhomes for himself and his best mate. Equipped with his new set of ‘wheels’, he set off on a 1000-mile road trip to find his dream home in Scotland. Less than a year later, he bought a property 20 miles south of John o’Groats, a region he first fell in love with when he was based at RAF Leuchars.

Steve said, “I was driving for the RAF Go-Kart race team during my time at Leuchars and you could say that the RAF gave me my two great loves in life – Scotland and a fascination for just about anything with an engine.”

Nowadays, he’s spoiled for choice when it comes to four-wheeled transport. When his new motorhome proved a little too wide for some of the Highland’s narrow lanes, he swapped it for a more practical SUV.

Steve added, “Clearly I’m not destined to be practical for too long because when I saw the old Bentley for sale, I couldn’t help myself and splashed out on it as a pre-Christmas treat! I’ve also invested in an all-terrain-vehicle (ATV) with various attachments to help me manage my land, and to top it off, an old Land Rover pick-up, simply because I couldn’t say no when it was offered!

“For someone like me, who has always loved anything with an engine, being in this wonderful position to ‘play’ is an absolute dream – I’m like a kid in a sweet shop.”

Thinking back to the moment when he discovered his win, Steve said, “I can still remember the moment I checked the Lotto results on my tablet and instantly recognised my numbers. I had to call my best mate, and then my ex-wife, asking each to read the numbers to me, just to be sure I wasn’t looking at the wrong thing.

“I still pinch myself at how much has changed for me. A week before my win, an old caravan I was doing up was broken into and vandalised. I was feeling pretty fed-up thinking that my Scottish dream would never happen, and then Lady Luck smiled on me and the rest, as they say, is history.

“For 30 years I’ve been driving people around in taxis and now I get to drive around in my perfect motor – I am absolutely overwhelmed with how life has turned out.”

29th February 2024

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