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Team GB gold delivers £1Million to Nottingham family

A family from Eastwood, Nottingham have scooped one of 67 life changing prizes in the special Lotto Medal Draw. On top of the usual Lotto draw, additional prizes were up for grabs to celebrate each of the incredible medals won by Team GB in Rio. The Brown family won an amazing £1Million plus their very own commemorative Lottery Gold medal.

The win is being shared equally between David and Yvonne Brown and their daughters Becky and Julie. All are still in shock and a delighted Yvonne said, “I’m still speechless. This doesn’t happen to people like us, we are just a normal family.”

The first thing that 61 year old David is going to do now he has won is retire. He said, “I currently work two days a week at the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham as a maintenance engineer. I enjoy it a lot but this win has enabled me to retire early. Yvonne doesn’t work so the win will allow us to do more of the things we love doing.”

Racing Pulse

Yvonne, 59, and David together with their daughters Julie, 33, and Becky, 36, regularly go to the gym. David wears a Fitbit to monitor his health. He checked the period when he found out he had won the machine showed his heart rate had gone off the screen!

Yvonne said, “We are currently planning what to do with the money. We’ve been very fortunate to have had a good life. We have nice holidays, we love our house and for me the win will allow us to keep up that comfortable lifestyle even with David retired. It’s different for the girls, the money will help them so much. Natasha is going to pay off her mortgage. Julie still lives with her us and is drawing up a long list! As for David, he did mention – very quickly – an Aston Martin.”

The family have played the Lottery together since it began in 1994. They play the same numbers every Saturday night and have previously won small amounts – until their luck really came in. David said, “It was Sunday night and I was watching the TV. I had forgotten to check the ticket so scanned it using my iPad App. It made a funny noise so I turned the iPad on and off and tried again. I must have done this three times.

“By this time, we had called Rebecca, but because it was so late The National Lottery Line was closed so we decided to try the newsagents down the road and ask them to check the ticket. So off we went to our local shop and they confirmed we had matched the special Raffle code too. We then went home and locked the ticket in the bedside drawer. But the checking didn’t stop there. I also went back to Asda where we bought the ticket to ask them to check it too.”

David and Yvonne bought the winning ticket from their local Asda during their weekly ‘big’ shop. The Brown’s winning special winning Raffle code was TEAL 39248104.

Thank you

On Saturday 27th August, on top of the usual Lotto draw, an extra 27 prizes of £1 million were available to match the number of Gold medals won in Rio, 23 further prizes of £100,000 to equal the Silver medal haul and 17 additional prizes of £50,000 to match those Bronze medals won by Team GB in Rio, to celebrate the medal tally and to thank players for their on-going support of our elite athletes.

The National Lottery plays a unique role in supporting the UK’s elite athletes, with no-one contributing more to elite sport in the UK than National Lottery players. British athletes have won 700 Olympic and Paralympic medals since National Lottery funding was first awarded to elite athletes in 1997. Alongside elite sport, The National Lottery has invested over £5 billion in grassroots sport to date, supporting more than 150 different sports and creating opportunities for everyone to get fit.

Over the last 22 years we’ve created over 4,750 millionaires and funded more than 525,000 National Lottery projects - discover more life-changing stories.

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