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Lucky mix-up leads to £1Million win

Carer Lynne from Essex believes fate helped to make her a millionaire after a mix-up in the shop meant a delay in her buying her ticket.

Grandmother Lynne explains, "I know the family who run my local shop really well and there's always a joke or kind word when I pop in. On Wednesday night I asked for my Lotto tickets and by mistake the shopkeeper ran off EuroMillions tickets instead, then realising the mistake, he then ran off my Lotto Lucky Dip tickets a few seconds later from the machine. I'm sure it's those precious moments that made me a millionaire!"

With her money now in the bank Lynne is concerned about helping her family and is making plans to ensure they benefit from the win.

Lynne, pictured with daughter Gemma, said, "My family mean the world to me. I've always done as much as I can to help them and now I can do even more. My children will have brand new cars, straight off the forecourt and so will Mick my partner. The grandchildren will all have a little nest-egg set-up for when they leave school but I'm also sending them to Disneyland this year."

But it's not just the family who will be heading off overseas. Lynne is sending, Pierce from the shop off to Australia, keeping her side of a deal she often joked with him about.

Lynne said, "I'm always joking with Pierce in the shop that when I win I'm sending him off to Australia. It's become something of a standing joke, now that joke is a reality and Pierce is speechless, for once! I'm also going to give Jack who sold me the ticket something. His little mistake has had a massive impact on my family's life so he also deserves a treat too."

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